About Us

Welcome on board the journey of providing More Nutritious food for Africans and all Nations. Deep Launch Nig Ltd is a processor of Biofortified Vitamin A CASSAVA crop in conjunction with Harvest Plus(CGIAR/IITA) and Oyo State Agricultural Development Programme(OYSADEP) Ogbomosho, Zonal Office, in manufacturing of the followings cassava foods products.

  • Vitamin A Cassava Flakes, Other Wise Known as Garii
  • Vitamin A Flour
  • Vitamin A Fufu
  • Vitamin A Combo Bits

Vitamin A cassava was developed through conventional breeding and was released in Nigeria in September2011 by HARVEST PLUS (CGIA/ IITA ) . Vitamin A Cassava is naturally yellow color and as such gives yellow color to the by- products / food like Gari, Fufu & Flour when processed. It can be planted anywhere in Nigeria.


Deep Launch Nig Ltd is a registered company in Nigeria and Australia since 2000 and 2012 respectively. The plant/factory is located in OGBOMOSO, OYO STATE-NIGERIA, WEST – AFRICA and the Corporate Office in Sydney, Australia and Johannesburg, South Africa.


Our mission is to provide and make available an healthy balance diet Nigerian food, not only to all Nigerian and Africans counterparts but also an inter-continental food menu that one can purchase at any restaurant, hotel or on board the air craft .And also to promote and empower indigenous cassava farmers into growing more nutritious cassava foods crop (Biofortified Vitamin A Cassava) by buying fresh harvested cassava tuber from the local farmers.


The emergence and popularity of Vitamin A Biofortified Cassava Crop Foods since year 2011 as been due to the fact that unlike most cassava varieties which when consumed provides the body with mainly carbohydrates, vitamin A cassava varieties are natural channels of providing the body with vitamin A in an affordable, targeted and cost effective way. Vitamin A cassava was bred to deliver vitamin A to consumers with a focus on rural farming households who are the most vulnerable to vitamin A deficiency and who because of their financial status cannot afford to diversify their foods or buy artificially fortified products hence, they mostly consume what they produce. Vitamin A naturally is known to be essential for good vision, strong immune system, healthy skin, proper development of embryos and the prevention of diarrhoea in children. It also helps in cell reproduction, bone formation and wound healing.

It then follows that Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD), which is considered a public health problem especially in Africa and South-East Asia and which is known to lead to high risk of disease and death with data showing that currently in Nigeria, 30% of children and 25% of pregnant women are affected (WHO) would be reduced significantly through the introduction and consumption of biofortified vitamin a cassava food into our every day food menu.