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    Bio-fortified Vitamin A cassava was developed through
    conventional breeding by HARVEST PLUS (CGIA/ IITA )
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Your #1 Vitamin A Cassava Flakes-GARRI processing Industry

About Us

Welcome on board the journey of providing food stability for all Nations through our agricultural innovation . Deep Launch Nig Ltd , is a Cassava Value Chain food processor / innovation, in collaboration / partnerships with the following conglomerate organization that are focusing on cassava crop and value addition globally, such as

  • International Livestock Research Institute ( ILRI- IITA-CGIAR)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, often simply shortened to GIZ
  • Green Innovation Center for the Agriculture and Food Sector (GIAE)

DEEP LAUNCH ,Cassava Value Chain, food processing and innovation includes but not limited to the following products and services

  • Cassava Flakes, Other Wise Known as Garii
  • Agro Allied Equipment
  • Dried Cassava Chip ( Peeled & Unpeeled) Animal Grade
  • Cassava Flour (Animal Grade)
  • Feed Mills
  • HQCP ( High Quality Cassava Flakes) read more

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Why Choose US?

Product Specification / Packaging

Our finished Biofortified Vitamin A Cassava products are hygienically packaged in a durable and attractive sizes of 1kg and 5kg both contained in a sachet and cartoon packed. We also have 25kg laminated sack packaged.

Customized Packaging

Our unique relationship with our prospective products distributor all over the world base on our business proposal as vendor if approved is the customised packaging and products branding with client company name and approved logo / Arts Work, as an option!

Order / Delivery

Our delivery period is between minimum of 10 working days and maximum of 15 working days respectively within and outside Nigeria from the date payment for goods ordered is confirmed. Customers are responsible for delivery cost within and outside Nigeria. But will assist and support our customer significantly in all other logistic areas.

Return Policy

Deep launch Nig Ltd, will retrieve any un-satisfied / damaged goods supplied immediately on delivery Free Of Charge and will attempt to provide another satisfy products/goods within 10 - 15 working days or make an immediate refund within 7 working days to our distributors, nominated Bank Account, if issues unresolved.


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Making our products reach you with ease is our goal.


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Our products of bio-fortified vitamin A cassava.


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Bio-fortified vitamin A cassava used for our products.

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