Partnership Programmes

In line with the vision of the present government agricultural empowerment and capacity building, Here is another opportunity for our​ unemployed​ youth in Oyo State to exploit and become their own boss and also an employer of labours.

DEEP LAUNCH CASSAVA​ flakes is a company that aims at training and equipping youth with necessary knowledge /empowerment,where they can become there own boss and​ employers of labour, as part of our Community Youth Empowerment Project, in accordance with the ILRI - International Livestock Research​ Institutes, ( IITA / CGIAR).

We have decided to train unemployed youth on how to produce, High Quality Cassava Peels* Mash (HQCP​) for FREE.


High Quality Cassava Peels is the process of turning our waste. Cassava Peels into the business of Livestock and Animal's Feed, as a replacement for Corn / Wheat​​ /Grain Feed Mill productions. and also minimizing the hazard cause by environmental pollution​ through the heap of cassava peels / waste visible all around our cassava value chain industries.


What require for our trainees after the seminar is to invest minimum of ₦10,000 - ₦51,000 (depending on capacity) in the production / business of HQCP​ at their various location after the seminal and you are guarantee minimum profit of N20,000 / N40,000​ respectively per month.


The good news about this​ Youth Empowerment Project is that there is a double assurance of market available for all the trainees as our company (DEEP LAUNCH) signs an MoU to buys directly from all our trainees immediately after the semimar (Condition Apply /Optional).


Registration and Seminar, is now in progress at our factory location, *DEEP LAUNCH NIG LTD, Aaga- Araromi, Via Orile-Igbon, Surulere North (LCDA) OGBOMOSO. Sponsor for this programme is also available through Agricultural Credit Corporation of Oyo​ State(ACCOS)​ in a form of LOAN for selected trainees as capital to kick off their acquired knowledge immediately after​ the seminar​ on conditions as follow:

  • (1) Personal guarantor /​ Civil Servants at level 1-6
  • (2)​ Signing and Acceptance of our Organization MoU

For further enquiry you can reach us on

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