Popularly known as Garium Sulphate or Garri in West Africa, is a creamy-white, granular flour with a slightly fermented flavor and a slightly sour taste made from fermented, gelatinized fresh cassava tubers ( Manihot Esculenta) Garri is widely known and consumed in Nigeria and other West African countries as a Cereals or Snacks on a hot day either by being soaked in cold water / fresh milk ,with sugar, coconut, roasted groundnut or dry fish as complements or cook in a hot water as a main food by sprinkle a cup of Garri into boiling hot water and stirred with a spoon or stirring stick until dough of Garri is formed and eaten with vegetable or curry sauce.
Garri is not just a staple food in Nigeria ,It is a popular West African food and daily meal. Moreover, Garri constitutes a daily meal to over 150 million people worldwide.. It could be compared to what potato mashes / flour is to the Westerners.
You cannot claim to have eaten any West African food without having eaten Garri!

The market potential for Garri is huge and stable. Why? The reason is because every day, an African or Nigerian somewhere in any part of the world is consuming the Garri product. The market value of Garri runs into billions of dollars every year. And what more ? Garri, when properly packaged and stored, it has a shelf-life of 12 months or more.
Market Research shown that Nigerian and other West African population within US, UK, CHINA & AUSTRALIA , are known to be travelling regularly on daily basis between 25 /35 miles away from home by train or bus to the City /CBD in search of African grocery shop to buy quality Garri for food consumption. This is an ample business opportunity for major leading departmental stores to take advantage of. It is estimated 20 million people of Nigerian descendant reside outside Nigeria with the majority living in United Kingdom and the United State. This is a great opportunity to sell to this category of people near you.


Our company accepts that changes to people's taste is one of the most hardest job to achieve just overnight as Vitamin A Cassava Flakes is a newly innovative in Vitamin and Nutrients based food.
Therefore , we have specialized WHITE GARRI, using Orthodox brand of cassava tuber ( white) into processing the finest traditional Garri otherwise known among the native consumers as IJEBU GARI or ILODO GARI- blended with your specialized sour taste !!
This one product is uniquely produced and packaged in our innovative packaging sizes of 1kg sachet and 25kg laminated sack likewise. Just a taste is what you need to be convinced !!!


We process White Freshly Harvested Cassava tuber into High Quality Chips for Poultry & Industrial - Edible / Non Edible - end user. We utilizes Sun Dry and our Ultra Modern Flash / Cabinet Dryer Processing method and packaged in 50kg sack bag. Other guarantee specification includes UN-fermented / NaturalOdour, 75-80% Minimum Starch Contain, 5%Maximum Raw Fibre,, 10-12 Maximum Moisture Content 3% Maximum Foreign content- (Sand/Silica) ,FREE OF MOULD & CARBONIZATION. Minimum Production Capacity : 30 Tons per week


High Quality Multi purpose Cassava Flour (Gluten Free) and suitable for all Wheat/Grain flour and bakery purposes. Depending on customer end users, there is a choice of white cassava flour and bio fortified vitamin A flour (naturally yellow cassava / yellow colour due to the vitamin A natural content). Minimum order for exportation = 30Metric Tons (20ft container).


High Quality Cassava Peels is the process of turning our waste, Cassava Peels into the business of Livestock and Animal's Feed, as a replacement for Corn / Wheat​​ /Grain Feed Mill productions and also minimizing the hazard cause by environmental pollution​ through the heap of cassava peels / waste visible all around our cassava value chain industries.